Pump .75Kw 380V 80F Superflo

The Quality Pump and Motor 0.75kW is suitable for up to a 60,000 litre pool and is best suited with a 3-bag sand filter.

What warranty does the Quality Pool Pump and Motor have?

The Quality pool pump comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty if installed correctly.

Is the Quality 0.75kW Pool Pump self-priming?

Yes, the pump is a self-priming pump which allows for seamless use.

How do I know what size pool pump I need?

The size pump required for a pool is determined on the pool water volume. You can calculate the pool water volume with the following calculation. Length x Breadth x Average Depth x 1000 = Pool Water Volume.

20 000-30 000 Litre pool = 0.45kW Pump and Motor

30 000-35 000 Litre pool = 0.6kW Pump and Motor

35 000-50 000 Litre pool = 0.75kW Pump and Motor

55 000-75 000 Litre pool = 1.1kW Pump and Motor

80 000-100 000 Litre pool = 1.5kW Pump and Motor

Dimensions 230 × 340 mm